Dear friends,

  I’m running for Lexington County Council because we badly need someone on County Council who will stand up for the taxpayers. Nine out of the last ten years, our council has raised our taxes. And the incumbent, Mr. Banning, not only votes for these tax hikes... he actually proposes them.

  In addition to ever-increasing taxes, Council often makes unwise spending decisions. (They recently awarded a $450,000 contract to an out-of-county firm to promote their sales tax increase... without even going through the usual competitive bidding process. It’s just the latest example of poor financial stewardship.)

  As I embark on this campaign to restore fiscal discipline to county government, I’d be truly honored to have your support. And if you’re willing to become involved in this campaign, I’d be grateful for any help you can give -- whether it’s calling your friends and neighbors, making a financial contribution, or helping in some other way. 

  And of course, contact me anytime at 730-7209 or to share your views on any issue. Thanks, and I look forward to hearing from you.

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