Lexington County should show expenditures online

Over the past several years, local governments -- cities, towns and counties -- have begun making information their individual expenditures easily available on the web.

In fact, three dozen cities, towns and counties post their check registers on their websites. This lets taxpayers see how their money is being spent, and helps catch spending which is wasteful or improper.

Unfortunately, Lexington County has refused to provide this level of financial transparency.

That's a shame.

The town of Irmo does it. So does Cayce. And across the river, Richland County and the city of Columbia both post their check registers online.

There's no reason Lexington County government shouldn't make its spending details easily accessible to citizens. I'll push to make that happen. 

Transparency is the key to quality government. When spending is done in the open, public officials are more likely to be accountable with your tax dollars. And it fosters a sense of trust between government and citizens. And when that happens, everybody wins.

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